I am Catarina Guimarães, a Brazilian designer living in San Francisco with an interest in storytelling, architectural experience design, and cultural theory. My background is in Architecture, but I have taken an unconventional approach to designing the built environment. I currently work as an Environmental Designer, specializing in the design and application of spatial strategies and creative elements for a variety of brand activations and events. 

- The study and manifestation of users and their cultural paradigms craft meaningful Design; one which inspires, transcends physical dissolution, and leaves behind significant ideas alluding to traces of what once was form. - 


Northwestern University
FIJI Water
Bank of Canada
University of Cincinnati
City of Corpus Christi
DAR Group
Shanghai American School


Environmental Design
Wayfinding Strategy
Branding Design
Design Research
Site Analysis
CAD Modeling
Architectural Design
Information Visualization


Cultural theory
Urban ecology
Color expressions
Communities living by water
People watching
Memories related to food
Analog experiences
Aquatic animals

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+1 (912) 398 4476